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October Gallery Walk

Algoma Club, 103 Algoma Blvd.

(Maria) Ysabel Concepcion, Ebony Barbian, Mawelll James and Rachael

ArtSpace Collective, 7 Merritt Ave.

Renee Koch & Friends - "Pieces"

AtomicKatz, 17 Waugoo Ave.

Bill Greider

Bartelt Acupuncture, 110 Algoma Blvd.

Olga Zagoroulskaya

"Energetic Art"

Becket’s, 2 Jackson St.

Cristian Andersson

"Small Symphonies"

Best Impressions Artisanal Printing, 101 Algoma Blvd

Kevin Rau Letterpress Demos

Birch Art Gallery & Classes, 1677 Oregon Street

Group Exhibition

Gardina’s, 448 N. Main St.

Leif Larson

Jambalaya, 413 N. Main St.

Garrett Boise (spray/acrylic paint)

New Moon Cafe, 401 N. Main St.

Star Cardell

Satori Imports, 411 N. Main

Joe D

Custom paint and skateboards

321 Market St. Tunnel Gallery, 321 Market St

Mark Bowen, Charles Barbola, Eliana Briones, Andrea M.

"There’s a cat in there."

Earlier Event: September 7
September 7 Gallery Walk