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July Gallery Walk

321 Market St. Tunnel Gallery
321 Market St
Tunnel Vision
Andrea M, Eliana Briones, Mark Bowen and Charles Barbola

ArtSpace Collective - 7 Merritt Ave.
"Places We've Been: Our Travels in Photographs & Prints"
Mel and Brian Kolstad

Becket’s - 2 Jackson St.
Brandy Huerta

Best Impressions Artisanal Printing
101 Algoma Blvd
"Botanical Watercolors"
Jessica Lomena

Gardina’s - 448 N. Main St.
Sue Hazelberg

Jambalaya - 413 N. Main St.
Featured Artist: Melanie Sinnen, original dress designer and seamstress
and Salon Style group show

New Moon Cafe - 401 N. Main St.
Geoff Swartz

Morgan House - 234 Church Street

Designs by George Procknow

Earlier Event: June 1
June 1 Gallery Walk
Later Event: August 3
August 3rd Gallery Walk